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Permanent magnets are a fixture in every household and used hundreds of times daily. A magnet holds the refrigerator door closed. Magnets attach children's artwork to the refrigerator. Many of the ads and signs seen on vehicles and in stores are held in place by permanent magnets. Each fractional horsepower motor in a car (as many as 60 of them) requires a permanent magnet to operate. The loudspeakers in a car and in a home require rings made of magnets in order to function. Even the strips on credit cards are permanent magnets.

The primary raw material for permanent magnets is ferrite powder. Hoosier Magnetics is the leader in ferrite powder production for the permanent magnet industry. We produce a wide array of ferrite powder for the following applications:

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Hoosier Magnetics was able to establish a reliable, cost-effective logistics chain for complicated international deliveries.

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