Product Specifications

Hoosier Magnetics manufactures two kinds of hard ferrite powders: Ceramic and Low Energy Embedding Powders (LEEP). These powders are responsible for improving our quality of life in many ways.

Since they were invented almost 50 years ago, ferrite powders have become an integral part of products used daily worldwide. New applications continue to be discovered.

Ferrites are important raw materials for electric motors, separators, magnetos, starters, sensors, anti-lock braking systems, toys, novelties, weather stripping, pumps, refrigerators, security systems, signage, clocks, computers, copiers, health devices, encoders, and automotive sealants/adhesives.

Ceramic Powder

Strontium ferrite for sintered magnets. Ceramic magnets are found in loud speakers, TV centering magnets, and fractional horsepower DC motors.

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Low Energy Embedding Powder (LEEP)

Strontium ferrite for bonded applications. LEEP magnets include door closure seals, health magnets, injection-molded parts, crafts, coated magnets, and advertising specialties.

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Hoosier Magnetics has gone above and beyond to develop a powder for our specific application. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and their quality is the best in the industry.

- JM
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